Tulsi Devi Stuti

The Tulsi plant is venerated and is invariably grown in the courtyard of every house. After lighting up the lamp (deepa), the Tulsi plant is supposed to be cleaned and watered while reciting the following prayer:

Tulsi Devi Stuti

Thulasi shree sakhi shubhe, papa haarini punyade,
Namasthe Naradanuthe, Namo Narayana priye.

Oh, Holy Thulasi,
Bosom friend of Lakshmi,
Destroyer of sins,
Bestower of blessings,
Salutations to thee,
Who is praised by sage Narada,
And is the darling of Lord Narayana

Tulsi Gayatri Mantra

Om Tulsi devyai cha Vidhmahe
Vishnu priyayai cha Dheemahe
Thanno Brindah Prachodayath.

Om, Let me meditate on the Goddess of Ocimum, Oh, Goddess who is dear to Vishnu, give me higher intellect, And let Brindha[1] illuminate my mind.

Tulasi – 
Spiritual significance and Medicinal benefits 

During the churning of the Ocean of milk (ksheera sagara mathana), Sri Hari came up in the form of Dhanvantari carrying the kalasha of amruta. At that time some drops of Hari’s tears of joy fell into the amrutha kalasha. Tulasi was born out of those tears of joy. Having been born out of tears of joy, she herself gives joy. 

She has Lakshmi devi’s amsha in herself. That is the reason for the celebration of marriage of Tulasi with Shri Krishna on every Karthika shuddha dwadashi day. Hari likes her very much. It is believed that Hari is present wherever Tulasi is present. 

tuLasee kAnanam yatra | yatra padma vanAni cha | 
vasanti vaiShNavA yatra | tatra sannihito hariH || 

There are two varieties of Tulasi plants viz. Sri Tulasi and Krishna Tulasi. Krishna Tulasi has blackish leaves. This is more suited for pooja in the brindavana. On the other hand Sri Tulasi which has green leaves is more suited for offering to Shri Hari. 

Women are only entitled to water the Tulasi plants and worship them

Tulsi Mula Mantra

Vrindaayai Thulasee Devyai, 
Priyaayai KesavyasyaCha,
Kesavaarthe sinomi 
Dhwaam Varadhaa bhava sarvatha

108 names (mantras) of Tulsi
OM shri tulasyai namah
OM nandinyai namah 
OM devyai namah 
OM shik hinyai namah
OM dharinyai namah
OM dhatryai namah 
OM savitryai namah
OM satya sandhayai namah
OM kala harinyai namah
OM gauryai namah
OM deva gitayai namah
OM draviyasyai namah
OM padminyai namah 
OM sitayai namah 
OM rukminyai namah 
OM priya bhuushan ayai namah
OM shreyasyai namah 
OM shri matyai namah
OM man yayai namah
OM gauryai namah
OM gautam architayai namah
OM treta yai namah
OM tripatha gayai namah
OM tripad ayai namah
OM trai murtyai namah 
OM jagat rayayai namah 
OM tra sinyai namah 
OM gat rayai namah
OM gatri yayai namah 
OM garbha varinyai namah 
OM shobhanayai namah
OM samayai namah
OM dvira dayai namah
OM aradyai namah
OM yagya vidyayai namah
OM maha vidyayai namah
OM guhya vidyayai namah
OM kamaxyai namah
OM kulayai namah 
OM shriyai namah
OM bhuumyai namah
OM bhavitryai namah
OM savitryai namah
OM sarva veda vidam varayai namah
OM shankhinyai namah
OM chakrinyai namah
OM char inyai namah
OM chapal exanayai namah
OM pitam barayai namah
OM prota somayai namah
OM saurasayai namah
OM axinyai namah
OM ambayai namah
OM sarasvatyai namah
OM sam shrayayai namah
OM sarva devatyai namah
OM vishva shrayayai namah
OM sugandhinyai namah
OM suvas anayai namah
OM vara dayai namah
OM sush ronyai namah
OM chandra bhagayai namah
OM yamuna priyayai namah
OM kaveryai namah
OM manikar nikayai namah
OM archinyai namah
OM stha yinyai namah
OM dana pradayai namah
OM dhana vatyai namah
OM sochyam anasayai namah
OM shu chinyai namah
OM shreya syai namah
OM priti chin texanyai namah
OM vibhuutyai namah
OM akrityai namah
OM avir bhutyai namah
OM prabhavinyai namah
OM gandhinyai namah
OM svarginyai namah
OM gadayai namah
OM vedyayai namah
OM prabhayai namah
OM sarasyai namah
OM sara siva sayai namah
OM sarasvatyai namah
OM shara vatyai namah
OM rasinyai namah
OM kalinyai namah
OM shreyo vatyai namah
OM yamayai namah
OM brahma priyayai namah
OM shyama sundarayai namah
OM ratna ruupinyai namah
OM shama nidhinyai namah
OM shata nandayai namah
OM shata dyutaye namah
OM shiti kanthayai namah
OM prayayai namah
OM dhatryai namah
OM shri vrinda vanyai namah
OM krishnayai namah
OM bhakta vatsalayai namah
OM gopika kridayai namah
OM harayai namah
OM amrita rupinyai namah
OM bhuumyai namah
OM shri krishna kantayai namah
OM shri tulasyai namah

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