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77 Arjun is unstoppable, 3rd is over, 4th day begins, Bhim is surrounded, 10 Kauravs are killed, Krishna

78 9th day is over and 16 kauravs are dead, Bhisma tells Arjun how to take him out of the wa

79 Bhishma lies on the Bed of Arrows, Karna meets Bhisma

80 Day 11, Dron tries to capture Yudhishthir but is unsuccesful, Shantanu comes to Bhishma

81 Chakravyuha planned

82 Abhimanyu Vadh

83 Arjun vows to kill Jayadrath and Story about Jayadraths Curse

84 Arjun breaks Padma vyuha to get to jayadrath

85 Jayadrath Vadh

86 Ghatotkach dies

87 Drona Dies

88 Dushyasan dies Karna fights with Arjun, Krishna puts the rath in the land so that Arjun is saved

89 Karna Dies

90 Yudhishthir curses all woman kind and Duryodhan becomes iron bodied

91 Bhim duryodhan Gada Yudh

92 Duryodhan Dies, Ashwathama, Krip and Kritvarma is remaining, Parikshit’s story

93 Dhritarashtra tries to kill Bhim

94 Bhishma takes Samadhi ,End

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